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Fundraising Campaign The Brunswickan had stellar coverage before and during the job action. Please consider donating to their fundraising campaign.

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Here is a

Response to a message from a student about the lost winter break: I agree with you: the winter break situation is a mess. I sit on Senate and we met for three and a half hours yesterday to sort it out.

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New circular for students

Update for students: a strike Download the PDF.

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Guess we’re doing our job

UNBSJ Students Supporting AUNBT Visit on Facebook.

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UNBSU encourages students not to pay tuition

See The Brunswickan: “Monday meeting ‘last-ditch effort’ says AUNBT president,” Cherise Letson, The Brunswickan (Jan. 3/14). “UNBSU encourages students not to pay tuition in wake of possible strike,” Cherise Letson, The Brunswickan (Jan. 3/14).

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