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In the news

In addition to “Faculty worried over proposed changes to University of New Brunswick Act,” there are several other pieces in the most recent CAUT Bulletin that may be of interest to members: “Fair Employment Week promotes fairness for all academic staff“: Dozens of academic staff associations printed campaign materials and used websites, blogs, newsletters, op-eds, and social […]

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Something’s broken but it’s not arbitration

Members may have seen the editorial in the Telegraph-Journal on October 2 (PDF). Today, our response was printed: “The profs deserved their increase.” Miriam Jones. Telegraph-Journal (Oct 8, 2014; paywall): A9. Last Thursday’s editorial in this paper, “Arbitration Process Broken,” (Oct.2) demands a response, but where to begin? It is inflammatory and wrong to say that “[t]he public […]

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UNB professors’ salaries are transparent

The following letter-to-the-editor was published in the Telegraph-Journal this morning: There are a number of misunderstandings in “A president’s salary,” the editorial published in this paper on Aug. 15. Well, mainly one misunderstanding, repeated several times. Contrary to what the writer implies, university professors’ salaries are completely transparent. At UNB our collective agreements are posted […]

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Letter to the Chair of the UNB BoG

Members will remember that the University community received a message from Kathryn McCain, Chair of the UNB Board of Governors, on June 27 2013. As AUNBT was to meet with the employer in front of the Arbitration Board over the FT contract the following week, we sent out a message declining comment. In the meantime, […]

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