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The following recently went out to MAFA members: After 14 hours of negotiations, we have reached agreements on the scope of the binding arbitration and the back to work protocol.  Effective immediately, the strike is concluded.  You can enter campus at will.  Our official return to work is Monday. More details to follow tomorrow. MAFA […]

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MtA administration falsely declares an end to the strike Posted 2014-02-13 by mafa & filed under News & events. The MtA university community was recently sent a communication from the administration declaring an end to the strike, claiming that MAFA had accepted its proposal for binding arbitration, and announcing the resumption of classes on Monday.This is completely untrue. We have not […]

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Congratulations to

MAFA The Mount Allison Faculty Association today heard from Minister Jody Carr that they had a “no board” report: “We are very pleased with the news. This marks a turning point for labour relations in New Brunswick,” says MAFA President Loralea Michaelis. MAFA offered thanks to FNBFA “for their hard work in making the case for free […]

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An encouraging

MESSAGE FROM the Mount Alison Faculty Association  (MAFA): Thanks so much for the invitation [to the open house], which we have passed on to our membership. Unfortunately, all of our Executive and I are busy with our own strike vote and strike preparations and cannot attend. However, we have encouraged members who are available to visit […]

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Meet Your MLA

Meet Your MLA Lobby Day Photograph tweeted by PSE Minister Jody Carr after a meeting yesterday with representatives from New Brunswick faculty associations, part of FNBFA’s third annual Meet Your MLA  lobby day events. We had a good discussion with the minister about conciliation boards, financial transparency, CAE issues, and multi-year funding. Today FNBFA president Jean […]

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