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Members of

the Collective Bargaining Committee met this evening to discuss the strike deadline. A message was subsequently sent out to AUNBT members to tell them that both the AUNBT Executive Committee and the FT Collective Bargaining Committee unanimously passed identical motions:  That AUNBT immediately announce a strike deadline of 12:01 am, January 13, 2014. There will be information meetings for the Collective Bargaining Council this week […]

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UNBSU encourages students not to pay tuition

See The Brunswickan: “Monday meeting ‘last-ditch effort’ says AUNBT president,” Cherise Letson, The Brunswickan (Jan. 3/14). “UNBSU encourages students not to pay tuition in wake of possible strike,” Cherise Letson, The Brunswickan (Jan. 3/14).

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Friday at Fredericton Strike HQ

On Friday, January 3rd, AUNBT members on the Fredericton campus will be working at Strike Headquarters to put the finish on our readiness for whatever the New Year brings. Please join us any time between 10 am and 2 pm! Wear comfortable work clothing, as we will be moving furniture and making signs. Tea, coffee […]

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Prototype button designed by Job Action Committee co-chair Sue Blair.


Would you like a button with your drink? Members gathered at the F’ton Strike Headquarters Friday Dec. 6 to celebrate the outcome of the strike vote and, in particular, a stunning 97% member engagement. We are now in an even better position to achieve a negotiated settlement, in which case, we will count on our […]

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