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FT Bargaining

Bargaining Bulletin #6 and conciliation news The latest FT bargaining bulletin, which includes an update on the conciliation process, has been posted on the password-protected page. In brief: yesterday, the Conciliator tabled her report to the Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour. The Minister now has 15 days in which to respond by either appointing […]

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FT bargaining position

FT bargaining position The following one-page document (PDF) was presented to the government-appointed conciliator by the FT bargaining team: July 31, 2013 Position Statement by the Full-Time (Group 1) Members of AUNBT Collective Bargaining 2013  The members of AUNBT are the core of the university and its mission of teaching, scholarly and creative activity.  The mandate they gave […]

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FAQs on entering FT Conciliation

FAQs on entering FT Conciliation Are we in conciliation? Yes. Since March representatives of AUNBT and the Board of Governors have been bargaining for a 12th collective agreement for full-time teachers, researchers and librarians.  On July 17th the Employer applied to the minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour for the appointment of a conciliator.  […]

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FT NEGOTIATIONS HEAD FOR CONCILIATION The FT negotiating team is moving into conciliation: initial meetings with the government-appointed conciliator took place this week and conciliation itself is scheduled to begin in September. An upcoming bulletin will contain further information.

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