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Talking about the President’s contracts

There has been a lot of attention paid to the release of President Campbell’s two employment contracts (2009, 2014): NEW: “Federation may still pursue court action despite UNB contract release.” Emma McPhee. The Brunswickan (Aug 19, 2014). NEW: Letter-to-the-editor: “UNB professors’ salaries are transparent.” Telegraph-Journal (Aug 19, 2014). “UNB professors upset by president’s contract: Salary and perks worth almost half a […]

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RTIPPA request for UNB President’s employment contracts

UNB administration finally released copies of President Campbell’s employment contracts on August 13 in response to a Right-to-Information request. FNBFA list of University Disclosures Linked from President Campbell’s bio on the UNB website Or read them here: 2009, 2014

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Thanks to FNBFA for translating our circular, “Talking to the neighbours: the AUNBT/UNB labour dispute in a nutshell” (Nov. 18/13, PDF), into French: ≪ Parlons-en: résumé du conflit de travail entre l’AUNBT et l’UNB ≫ (PDF).

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An encouraging

MESSAGE FROM the Mount Alison Faculty Association  (MAFA): Thanks so much for the invitation [to the open house], which we have passed on to our membership. Unfortunately, all of our Executive and I are busy with our own strike vote and strike preparations and cannot attend. However, we have encouraged members who are available to visit […]

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FGM materials

Materials from the FGM on Dec. 5/13 have been posted, including reports from the CAE bargaining committee, the Pension Committee, the Treasurer, FNBFA, and the president. Members are particularly directed toward the message from Suzanne Prior, the Chief Negotiator for FAUST, who was unable to join us. Patrick Colford, president of the New Brunswick Federation […]

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