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what’s really happening with bargaining? If you’re reading this alongside the latest bargaining updates from UNB management, you could be forgiven for wondering if you’d strayed into a parallel universe. UNB management continues to assure the world that they are committed to a negotiated agreement. “Faculty are the lifeblood of any university”, we are told. […]

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Slogan contest: calling all wordsmiths and would-be-designers!

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Comparability. Ability-to-pay. Reputation.

The following message was sent out this morning to all FT AUNBT members, though nothing beats your responses.

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What our members say, pt. 2

What our members say, pt. 2 We have been talking to our members throughout the bargaining process and here are some of the things they have told us.  Anything to add? Drop us a line. Check out parts one and three.

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What our members say, pt. 1

What our members say, pt. 1 We met with our members to find out what issues they wanted us to address during bargaining, and these are some of the things they told us. Check out parts two and three.

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