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Recent media stories, local, national, and international

“More than $315,000 spent on extra PR, security during UNB labour dispute.” Tess Allen, The Brunswickan (March 6, 2015): “We had every confidence that faculty on strike would be professional and respectful, and that is exactly what happened. There was a risk, however, that others coming onto (or passing by) campus might not be familiar with […]

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In the news

In addition to “Faculty worried over proposed changes to University of New Brunswick Act,” there are several other pieces in the most recent CAUT Bulletin that may be of interest to members: “Fair Employment Week promotes fairness for all academic staff“: Dozens of academic staff associations printed campaign materials and used websites, blogs, newsletters, op-eds, and social […]

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October Media round-up

UNB Commentary: “UNB Act changes will impact students.” Micah O’Donnell. The Brunswickan (Oct. 29/14): “The Student Union should be taking this opportunity to not only send a letter about their concerns, but to campaign to insert new pieces into the Act which would outline the rights of students.” “Senates passes motion for extension of UNB Act […]

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