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Report of the Nominating Committee

Report of the Nominating Committee 19h April 2013 REPORT OF THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE and Notice of Election Election of members to the AUNBT Executive Committee will take place at the Association’s Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 @ 10:00 am via video-conference Saint John Hazen Hall 239 Fredericton Kent Auditorium, Wu Conference Centre

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Exec. member Srinivasan Gopalan and other "flying pickets" support colleagues at Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Oct. 9/10.

Gopalan Srinivasan and other supporters of strikers at Northern Ontario School of Medicine, 2010

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From left: Allan Reid, Juan Carretero, Greg Fleet, Charlene Mayes, Merle Steeves, and Melanie Wiber at the annual executive retreat.

AUNBT exec members at annual retreat, 2011

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Executive member Brian Lowry gives a cheque from AUNBT to striking colleagues at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Oct. 29/10.

Brian Lowry offers AUNBT support to strikers at Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Jan. 29 2010

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AUNBT General Meeting in Saint John (former exec-member Lee Chalmers, foreground).

Members at AUNBT general meeting in Saint John

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