On May 1 2014 the UNB administration announced that the UNB Board of Governors had appointed a committee to review the responsibilities of senior administration. The three-person committee visited the two main campuses from May 8 – 11, when they met with thirty or so people. Members of the wider university community were invited on May 13 to send submissions to the committee by May 20, and AUNBT made a submission (HTML; PDF). Individual members also made submissions, and some of them gave us permission to reproduce them here:

  • FT AUNBT member (PDF)
  • Greg Marquis (PDF)
  • Elizabeth McGahn (PDF)
  • Thomas Mengel (PDF)
  • Gopalan Srinivasan (PDF)

The report of the SARR Committee was released on June 4, 2014, and can be found here.

Responses to the report were invited by January 30, 2015, and AUNBT submitted one (HTML; PDF).

Members are invited to send us copies of their submissions and/or responses for inclusion on this page, either with attribution or anonymously.

Please see the SARR updates page for the latest.



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