Media stories in which AUNBT spokespeople and/or media releases are quoted, and other NB PSE stories:



For media stories from January 13 – February 1 2014, please visit our job action website.




  • “UNB accused of disrupting unionization efforts. Union Professor says she’s shocked by school’s tactics to dissuade employees.” Tara Chislett. The Daily Gleaner (Nov 18 2011): A1.
  • UNB fights union drive on campus,” CBC News (Nov 16 2011).
  • “UNB fights union drive on campus.” CBC News (Nov 11 2011).
  • “Protesters keep fighting to get funding for women’s council.” Jamie Ross. The Daily Gleaner (May 7 2011): A6.
  • “Immigration policies debated; Saint John candidates vow to speed up accreditation process for skilled immigrants.” April Cunningham. Telegraph-Journal (Apr 28 2011): C1.


  • FNBFA on use of conciliation boards in NBL’Acadie Nouvelle (Nov 22 2010).
  • Faculty express concerns over post-secondary education, FNBFATelegraph Journal (Sept 21 2010).
  • “UNB, union agree to binding arbitration.” Shawn Berry. The Daily Gleaner (May 22 2010): A6.
  • “Minister makes rare move to get talks going at UNB.” Heather McLaughlin. The Daily Gleaner (Feb 19 2010): A3.
  • “Teachers’ group, UNB making little progress.” Heather McLaughlin. The Daily Gleaner (Jan 30 2010): A5.
  • “UNB, faculty association ask for conciliator; Talks: University, staff reach contract impasse after seven months of negotiations.” Brett Bundale. Telegraph-Journal (Jan 13 2010): A3.



  • “Universities gear up to fight education reforms.” Daniel McHardie. Telegraph-Journal (Sept 26 2008): A3.
  • “UNB hire described as ‘trojan horse’.” Daniel McHardie. Telegraph-Journal (Sept 20 2008): A3.
  • “UNBSJ senate defends academic freedom; Education University’s academic governing body weighs in on province’s PSE action plan.” Josh O’Kane. Telegraph-Journal (Jul 17 2008): C1.
  • Commentary: “Professors reject Shawn Graham’s indecent proposals.” David Bell and Dennis Desroches. Telegraph-Journal (July 15 2008; PDF): A7.
  • “Profs pummel plan; Reforms University associations speak out as opposition mounts to proposed changes to post-secondary education.” Megan O’Toole. Telegraph-Journal (July 8 2008): A1.
  • “New agency worries university academics.” Matt McCann. Telegraph-Journal (Jun 30 2008): A2.
  • “Professors raise red flags about teaching in colleges; Plan | Travel costs, quality concerns.” Stephen Llewellyn. The Daily Gleaner (June 28 2008): A1.
  • Organizing Victory at University of New Brunswick.” CAUT Bulletin. 55.3 (March 2008).

For a(n extensive) list of media stories from 2007–2009 focused on the N.B. PSE Crisis, please visit Living in interesting times.



  • “UNB union and administration have a tentative agreement.” Joel O’Kane. The Daily Gleaner (Jan 18 2006): A4.

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