to AUNBT’s website. Here you will find all the information from our former site and newer material, organized, we hope, to make it more accessible.

Across the top of your browser window you will see a menu of main categories; some of these are drop-down menus. These show up on all pages. On the right of the home page, you will see a link to updates on collective bargaining.

In the central space on the home page, you will find news and updates. Each of these items can be viewed in a separate page by clicking on the title.

You can sign up to be emailed whenever there is a new post (link on the left side of home page).

We want this site to be interactive. Comments are enabled for most posts, and you can also find us on Twitter and Facebook. If you have any images or links you would like to share, drop us a line. You can email us or leave a comment, below.

There is also a password-protected section for members of various committees and for communicating less public information to the membership.

We want to promote full discussion but comments are moderated and anything disrespectful or otherwise inappropriate will not be posted. If you feel that a comment has been withheld unreasonably, please contact the webmaster via the form below.

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