If you have an issue but are reluctant to talk to your own steward, you are welcome to approach another steward or to contact the AUNBT office directly.

If your unit does not have a steward listed here, please consider volunteering. There are on average one or two meetings a term, so although it is an important job, it is not time-consuming.

—-Unit/Campus—- —-Steward—- —-Contact—-
Antropology / Fredericton Melanie Wiber
Arts 100, History / Fredericton Cindy Brown
Biology / Saint John Jeff Houlahan
Business Administration / Fredericton Glen Leonard
Chemical Engineering / Fredericton Mladen Eic
Chemistry / Saint John Anton Feicht
Classics & Ancient History / Fredericton Mark Temelini
Computer Science/ Fredericton Rod Cooper
Culture & Language Studies / Fredericton Anna Hamling
Economics / Fredericton Mehmet Dalkir
Economics / Fredericton George Maicher
Education / Fredericton Don Soucy
Engineering / Saint John Peregrine Riley
English / Fredericton Wendy Robbins
Geomatics / Fredericton Patrick Adda
Humanities & Languages / Saint John David Flagel
Kinesiology / Fredericton Jim Sexsmith
Law Library / Fredericton Cathy Cotter
Mathematics & Statistics / Fredericton Hugh Thomas
Mechanical Engineering / Fredericton Joseph Hall
Psychology / Fredericton Wendy Bourque
Rennaisance College / Fredericton John Valk
Social Science / Saint John Chris Doran
Sociology / Fredericton Barbara Fisher‐Townsend
Ward Chipman Library / Saint John Janet Fraser