FNBFA membership

The Federation of New Brunswick Faculty Associations (FNBFA) is an alliance of the six unionized faculty associations at the seven campuses of NB’s four publically supported universities. FNBFA has an executive director and an office located in Fredericton.

Founded on 26 September 1970, FNBFA is primarily a vehicle for lobbying the provincial government on matters connected with higher education. One of FNBFA’s finest hours was early in the 1990s in resisting the McKenna government’s plan to include university labour contracts in a public sector wage freeze. By then accepting a ‘voluntary’ wage freeze, AUNBT and other university faculty associations remained free to negotiate non-monetary items with their respective employer universities. More recently the Federation has worked to provincial-ize resistance first to the Miner-L’Écuyer report and then the government’s Action Plan, so that it could not be dismissed as disgruntlement at just UNB-Saint John or at just UNB.

The Federation is also a vehicle whereby the larger faculty associations support the smaller ones, especially in grievance arbitrations (for example, Moncton’s successful challenge to mandatory retirement), so that arbitration decisions do not set precedents that would be awkward for all.

FNBFA’s Legal Defence Fund is chaired by AUNBT’s Jon Thompson.

AUNBT’s dues to FNBFA are about $115,000 per year.

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