Job action FAQs

This page links to a series of FAQs about the possibility of an AUNBT job action (strike or lockout) aimed at different groups within the community as well as for our own members. These documents are public and can be distributed as PDFs, with attribution.


  • NEW: Update for students: a strike (Jan. 13/14PDF).
  • Community update (Jan. 2/13, PDF)
  • FAQs: How would a lockout or strike affect my work? (Dec. 30/13, PDF)
  • FAQs for graduate students (Dec. 8/13, PDF)
  • What should I tell my students? (Dec. 8/13, PDF)
  • Why vote? (Nov. 27/13, PDF)
  • FAQs on issuance of a “no board” decision (Nov. 20/13; rev. 21/11/13, PDF)
  • Talking to the neighbours: the AUNBT/UNB labour dispute in a nutshell (Nov. 18/13, PDF)
  • NEW: Parlons-en: résumé du conflit de travail entre l’AUNBT et l’UNB (translation of Talking to the neighbours, Nov. 18/13, PDF)
  • Student FAQs: My professors are in bargaining. Should I be concerned? (Nov. 15/13, PDF)
  • CAE FAQs: What would a FT job action mean for me? (Nov. 3/13, PDF)
  • Contingency Planning: personal preparation for possible job action: things to do ahead of time (Oct. 28/13, PDF)
  • Answers to questions academics are often asked: some ideas on how to answer those questions (you know, those questions) from your neighbour, brother-in-law, or whomever (Oct. 7/13, PDF)
  • FAQs on entering FT Conciliation: a brief overview of the process (Aug. 13/13)

If you have a suggestion for an topic you’d like to see addressed, we invite you to fill out the form, below. Your identity will remain confidential.


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