Email message to FT members, Sept. 9/13

Dear full-time AUNBT member,

On Wednesday and Friday of this past week, we had productive sessions with the provincially-appointed conciliator.  Although we have not yet dealt with the substantive issue of comparability during conciliation, good progress has been made by narrowing the number of outstanding issues.  We will be reporting on this progress at a Collective Bargaining Committee scheduled for September 11, at a subsequent CB Council meeting, and via a bulletin(s).

During the past week we received several suggestions that we release our bargaining bulletins to the media.  In previous rounds of bargaining AUNBT members have leaked bulletins to the media.  In April the administration refused to sign a protocol requiring a media blackout during bargaining.  Despite these facts, there are many times when release of information to the media would disrupt negotiations.  The present is such a time.  The purpose of this message is to request that you not release bargaining information to the electronic or print media.

During this round of bargaining our bulletins are placed on a password protected website to avoid the release of bargaining information to the media while providing you as much information as possible.  The more difficult the negotiations, the more important it is that we are transparent to facilitate informed discussion within the AUNBT community so that we receive your feedback through the CB Council and Committee.  However, now and in the future, please rely on the CB Team and Committee to determine the timing of the release of information to the media.

Lloyd Waugh, Chief Negotiator
Full-Time Bargaining Team