CAE bargaining 2013

Sept. 12: Message to CAE members

Aug. 1/13: Membership ratifies tentative agreement.

July 29/13: Bargaining Bulletin #4, “It’s a Deal,” has been posted on the password-protected page. Find out about the tentative agreement and cast your vote.

June 17/13: Bargaining Bulletin #3, “Impasse,” has been posted on the password-protected page.

May 14/13: Bargaining Bulletin #2, “Nothing,” has been posted on the password-protected page.

April 9/13: The first bargaining bulletin, “A fairer deal for the 20%,” has been posted on the password-protected page. You should have received the password; if not, please contact the office.

April 6/13: Expect a bargaining bulletin shortly.

  • Password-protected page for CAE members
  • Collective Bargaining 2013
    • CAE Negotiating Team, 2013
      • David Bell (Chief negotiator)
      • Wendy Bourque
      • Arthur James
      • John Neilson
    • CAE Collective Bargaining Committee, 2013
      • Robert Derrah
      • Stephen Dutcher
      • Marianne Eiselt
      • Carla Gunn
      • Miriam Jones (ex officio)
      • Allison Luke
      • Elizabeth McGahan (Chair)
      • Trevor Sawler
      • Lloyd Waugh (ex officio)