UNB Act revision proposal refocused

The following message from Roxanne Fairweather, Chair of the UNB Act Review Steering Committee, was distributed to the University community earlier today:

April 1, 2015

Dear Members of the UNB Community,

The UNB Act Review Steering Committee offers many thanks to all those in the UNB community who have taken the time and made the effort to either attend some of the more than 20 information sessions that took place with faculties, students, alumni, the AUNBT Task Force and other internal and external stakeholders; and/or provided thoughtful written submissions. Both the face-to-face meetings and submissions have provided invaluable feedback and insights.

Following the gathering of input up to March 16, 2015 the committee has met several times to consider the feedback and discuss potential changes to the draft as well as consider next steps.

The draft changes to the UNB Act (as previously posted) along with the process and the dialogue has stimulated extensive debate and comment concerning the UNB Act governance provisions and how the University may best structure itself at this time to achieve its mandate to provide superior education and research for the benefit of New Brunswick and beyond. It is clear that all participants are committed to the best interests of UNB, our province and, most importantly, our students.

In response to what it has heard, the UNB Act Review Steering Committee is planning to make revisions to the previously posted draft.

A revised proposal will focus only on two things; the sections of the UNB Act dealing with land transactions and changes which have already been approved by the Senates and the Board. It will not contain any separation of sections of the current UNB Act into by-laws, it will not contain any strategy regarding ‘the Natural Person’, it will not contain any change to the number or specific constituency of the Board of Governors or mechanism for Senate change. There will be no wording changes or summaries other than to property matters and those administrative changes already approved by Senate and the Board.

The draft of these limited amendments will be posted for further input and comment from the community prior to presentation to the Senates and the Board of Governors for consideration at their May meetings. The posting will provide a 3 week timeframe for input before the May meetings.

Again we appreciate your feedback and look forward to your input to our proposal when it is posted.

Roxanne Fairweather, Chair
UNB Act Review Steering Committee

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