DEADLINE 16/3/15: Feedback on Board proposal to rewrite UNB Act

The following message was just sent out to all AUNBT members:

Dear AUNBT member,

Monday March 16 is the stated deadline for members of the community to send their feedback to the Board of Governors’ UNB Act Revision Steering Committee.

AUNBT has profound concerns about the Board Committee’s proposal. Our UNB Act Task Force will be submitting an alternate proposal to the Board Committee on Monday. We would urge all members also to contact the Committee. The UNB Act is the foundational document for our institution and the proposed changes are radical. If they were to be implemented, UNB would become a very different place.

Feedback is to be sent to Discussion materials from the Board Committee are posted here.

For AUNBT materials please visit here (please note that the final version of the alternate proposal will not be posted until Monday.) For a brief overview of the issues, please see “A New UNB Act? — Key Points.”

We would be interested in being copied on your comments, if you are willing, at They would of course not be circulated outside the Task Force without permission.

The Task Force is grateful for the insights, suggestions, and concerns that many members have already shared. We look forward to continuing to work together as this issue develops.

In solidarity,
Miriam Jones
President, AUNBT

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