Today we received the following message from the STU Support & Administration Union, our union brothers and sisters on the United Campus Labour Council:

On Thursday and Friday of this week, STUSAU will enter into final talks with the St. Thomas University Administration. At midnight on Friday December 19th, the union will either leave with a negotiated contract, or a Final offer from our employer.

THIS IS IT! In order to ensure we leave with a negotiated contract, STUSAU will be hosting a rally in the upper courtyard on the STU campus, Wednesday, December 17th at 12 noon. We invite you out for our THIS IS IT celebration! Members, supporters, friends and family are asked to come and show their support while we come together in solidarity, to show the administration that we DESERVE a negotiated contract!

There will be pizza, music, placards, noise makers and we will be having a few speakers shortly after 12 noon.


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