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In addition to “Faculty worried over proposed changes to University of New Brunswick Act,” there are several other pieces in the most recent CAUT Bulletin that may be of interest to members:

Dozens of academic staff associations printed campaign materials and used websites, blogs, newsletters, op-eds, and social media to cultivate public awareness. Others passed motions endorsing the national campaign and released informational materials.

We are guardians of a vital public resource, which is still largely funded with public monies. We serve not “customers” but students, who look to us not for cheap delivery of a pre-packaged educational “product” but for guidance, and mentorship, as they embark upon a crucial period of life-defining transitions. And despite all the catastrophist rhetoric coming out of many university and college head offices, our best governmental and business leaders actually understand this.

  • The limits of academic freedom” by Dennis Desroches (FAUST/FNBFA): “[T]he administration defended the democratizing of university space by denying a voice to two of New Brunswick’s five registered political parties.”

“Who should speak about univer­sity education? We think it should not just be university presidents. Their priorities are different from ours, and frankly some administrators are doing terrible jobs at managing money and other resources,” [Marc La­moureux, president of the Association of Nova Scotia University Teachers] added.

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