Developments at U Sask

Earlier today the following message was sent out to members:

Dear AUNBT member,

Members will be aware that AUNBT has had growing concerns about the implementation of a “prioritization” program at UNB. You may be interested in today’s article in the Globe and Mail concerning the abandonment of the “TransformUS” prioritization exercise at the U of Saskatchewan. The exercise, although incomplete, was very costly, not only in time and effort, but also in terms of reputation and work environment. AUNBT will be working hard this term to avoid UNB going down a similar path, and we invite all members to get involved and educate themselves about the issue. This development at U Sask is especially encouraging because it resulted from solidarity and collegiality, with the faculty union, CAUT, members of the senate, and students all actively engaged for a sustained period, aided by international media coverage and positive government involvement.

Globe article
AUNBT’s prioritization page

In solidarity,
Miriam Jones
President, AUNBT

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