UNB professors’ salaries are transparent

The following letter-to-the-editor was published in the Telegraph-Journal this morning:

There are a number of misunderstandings in “A president’s salary,” the editorial published in this paper on Aug. 15.

Well, mainly one misunderstanding, repeated several times. Contrary to what the writer implies, university professors’ salaries are completely transparent. At UNB our collective agreements are posted online and anyone with Internet access can read all about our salary grids. They would be well advised to do so, rather than trusting to media reports like the editorial in question, which baldly states “the university also pays out six-figure salaries to the majority of its faculty” without distinguishing between $100,000 – the average salary of UNB professors – and the almost half a million our president receives once all the various perks are considered.

Further, “professors” are the best paid of our members, but nearly half of UNB’s teachers are contract academics, to whom UNB pays poverty wages and zero benefits. And while it’s true that a large proportion of our full-time faculty are at the top of their pay scale, that is mainly because our administration has refused to replace those who leave, preferring to fill in with much cheaper temporary or part-time contracts.

AUNBT has been calling for financial transparency at UNB for years and we are delighted that the editorial board of this newspaper is now on board. But let’s shine that light where it’s really needed.

Miriam Jones
President, Association of 
UNB Teachers

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