CAE Term Extension Agreement

The following message just went out to CAE members:

Dear CAE AUNBT members,

I am pleased to be able to tell you that after considerable discussion AUNBT and the employer have reached a CAE Term Extension Agreement. The full text is appended to the end of this message and also attached as a PDF.
There will be a payment of $335.69 for each 3ch course suspended during the lockout/strike (online courses unaffected; courses involving a different number of credit hours will be pro-rated).
A $40,000 fund has been set up to reimburse members for cancellation or change fees for travel plans between March 1 and March 9.Various deadlines and conditions apply; please read the details, below.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns with regard to this agreement, or any other matter.
In solidarity,
Miriam Jones
President, AUNBT

 Without Prejudice Agreement Regarding the Winter 2014 

Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers Group 2 [AUNBT]


the University of New Brunswick [UNB]

Whereas both UNB Senates have developed a new calendar of academic dates for the Winter 2014 term as a result of the labour dispute that occurred with the AUNBT Group 1 bargaining unit;

And whereas Contract Academic Employees (CAEs) represented by AUNBT have contracts to teach courses in the Winter 2014 term on a stipend basis pursuant to a collective agreement with AUNBT;

And whereas during the labour dispute UNB suspended some classes but did not cancel any appointments with CAEs and continued their stipend payments during the labour dispute;

And whereas the AUNBT and UNB are both interested in ensuring any confusion about the impact of the labour dispute on CAE contracts is clarified;

Now therefore the parties agree, on a without precedent and without prejudice basis as follows:

1. UNB will provide an additional $335.69 per 3 hour per week one term degree credit course contract or its prorated equivalent for each CAE course contract for a Winter Term 2014 course that had its classes suspended by UNB during the labour dispute. CAE course contracts that did not have classes suspended by UNB during the labour dispute (such as online courses) do not receive any additional amounts.

2. UNB will provide a total aggregate fund of $40,000 as reimbursement for cancellation or change fees for CAEs and/or travel companions for travel which would have been between March 1, 2014 and March 9, 2014 on the following conditions:

a. The travel arrangement was entered into before February 7, 2014;

b. The travel arrangement was for travel occurring between March 1, 2014 and March 9, 2014;

c. The CAE had to cancel or change the travel as a result of classes being scheduled in the period of March 3, 2014 to March 7, 2014;

d. Reimbursement is only for actual receipted cancellation and/or change fees paid, and in no cases will it be for other costs such as the cost of the travel itself;

e. For a CAE to claim a cancellation or change fee related to a travel companion, the travel companion had to be scheduled to go on the same trip itinerary as the CAE. If the claim is approved, the amount paid will go to the CAE, not the travel companion. There will be no reimbursement for travel companions who are in the AUNBT Group 1 bargaining unit;

f. CAE’s requesting reimbursement from this fund shall submit their request on or before 4:30 pm on Friday March 14, 2014 by e-mail (or delivery to their campus office) to:

i. On the Fredericton campus, Dan Coleman at, with a copy to Tim Walker,

ii. On the Saint John campus, Chris Callbeck at

Any requests received after this date will not be reimbursed.

Satisfactory proof of all of the relevant requirements of this paragraph 2 (such as proof of when the travel was booked, receipt for the cancellation or change fee, etc.) must be included with the request before the request can be approved.

g. If the total of all approved requests for reimbursement by all CAEs under this paragraph is less than $40,000, then each CAEs approved claim can be paid in full. Any leftover funds return to UNB.

h. If the total of all approved requests for reimbursement by all CAEs under this paragraph exceeds $40,000, then the amount that will be reimbursed for each CAE’s approved claim will be equal to:

C * 40,000 / T

Where C equals the value of the approved claim and T equals the total of all approved claims.

3. Per Article 16A of the AUNBT Group 2 Collective Agreement, CAEs continue to be obligated to teach the course on the academic dates specified by both UNB Senates and may only cancel or terminate scheduled instruction pursuant to the Collective Agreement and UNB regulations.

4. UNB will make every reasonable effort (and subject to restrictions in other collective agreements) to continue providing the services of Teaching Assistants in any course where they were provided prior to the strike/lockout.

5. Student Opinion Surveys (“SOS”) administered for the Winter 2014 term shall include a disclaimer on the SOS results, which states: “This Student Opinion Survey was completed during an academic term which was interrupted by a 3-week strike/lock-out.” 

6. The AUNBT agrees that no grievances shall be made as a result of the change in the academic calendar, alteration of class schedules, course outlines, exams and tests, etc. by UNB to facilitate completion of the academic term.


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