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Response to a message from a student about the lost winter break:

I agree with you: the winter break situation is a mess.
I sit on Senate and we met for three and a half hours yesterday to sort it out.
The problem was, different faculties had different preferences, according to their requirements. Nursing in Fredericton and some business programmes, for example, reported they really need the week of teaching time.
Keeping the break was a Senate decision — a difficult and complicated Senate decision. But it wasn’t an AUNBT decision or a faculty member decision and it wasn’t unanimous in Senate.
What AUNBT has done is to advise its members to respect students’ preexisting plans and not have tests or exams that week. We have no ability to enforce this as a requirement but that has been our advice. I expect many students will keep their preexisting plans and not be in class that week.
Many students fought hard to keep the break; you may have seen the petition. Other students fought hard to have the break disappear, however, in programmes where there is a time crunch. Nursing students from Fredericton and Moncton showed up at Senate en masse and argued against a break. So yes, in some programmes it will be “business as usual” in large part because the students themselves wanted it that way. This might make life complicated for students taking courses across programmes.
You don’t mention what programme you are in. My advice is that you speak to your profs and ask what their expectations are for the break. If they expect a lot of students to be away that week, if I were you I would go ahead with travel plans. If, on the other hand, you are in one of the programmes with time constraints, like some of the MBA programmes or Nursing, then the expectations will be different. If you are taking courses across faculties, you may have an uneven week.
As I said, it was a complicated discussion and no-one is entirely happy with the outcome.
The best thing we can do now is communicate with each other on a class-by-class basis. Don’t be hesitant to talk to your professors. And I hope your professors won’t be hesitant to talk to you.

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