Since there are no classes

Here is some breakfast reading:

  • Financial report #2:  Inter-fund Transfers and UNB’s Financial Position (PDF, Nov. 15/13)
  • Financial report #1:  Overview of UNB’s Financial Position (PDF, Sept. 23/13)
  • See also AUNBT Response to UNB Webinar Presentation on the University’s Financial Position (HTMLPDF, Jan. 11/13)

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One Comment on “Since there are no classes”

  1. January 13, 2014 at 2:12 pm #

    Not to make light of the whole situation, but Scott Adams seems particularly apropos today (Jan 13th):

    “We need employees who are motivated by our vision, not by money,” says the pointy-haired boss.

    “Are we looking for any other mental problems, or just that one?”, comes the reply.

    “I’m also a big fan of low self-esteem. It comes in handy at performance review time.”