Daily question roundup

Dear AUNBT Members,

Today was another day full of questions. Some of them (in fact, many of them) have been overtaken by subsequent events: specifically, many of the questions related to our benefits coverage. I will start with that and work through other questions received.

 1. What will happen to my health insurance? We received word this evening that management has rethought its approach. There are still some issues to clarify, but the employer has indicated that for most, if not all of the group benefits, AUNBT will be permitted to pay both the employer and the employee contributions and our benefits will not be disrupted. We will provide more details as we get them.

 2. I am away on sabbatical or doing research abroad. What is happening to my travel insurance? Your travel insurance coverage continues while you are away up to 180 days or up to any previously granted extension beyond 180 days.

The second set of questions related to the threatened loss of network access.

3. I set up a forwarding address. Will that get me continued email access? No, we were updated today that there would be no emails coming in despite earlier assurances to the contrary. What is not yet clear is whether incoming emails will be stored. Also, we do not yet know whether the employer will set up an automatic response so that people will know why they are not receiving a reply. We do not have assurances on conference websites, either. We will not be able to access electronic library resources or use any other service that requires signing into the UNB server.

4. I am worried about my intellectual property on D2L. Can the employer access it? Can students still access D2L when I am cut off? This question cut both ways for people; some wanted to control D2L, others were concerned about continued student access. We were assured that student access would continue. If you would rather not have anyone access D2L while you are unable to access it, you can turn off the course. Let me know if you would like more information on this and I will put you in touch with a more knowledgeable D2L user.

We also had questions about the picket roster.

5. When will I find out when I am assigned to picket? If you are a picket captain, you may have to wait a little bit longer, but for most others, you will know sometime tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

6. Who do I contact if I need to reschedule an assigned slot? In Fredericton, contact Brian Lowry and in Saint John, contact Dann Downes. There will be a contact information page on the website for emails and phone numbers.

There were also a bunch of other questions that are now listed in no particular order:

7. There is a community event, program or class that I’d like to go to that is on campus. If there is a strike, can I still go? From AUNBT’s perspective, absolutely! We can’t tell you what the position of the employer might be, though. If the activity requires you to cross a picket line, please let us know in advance and we will issue you a picket pass.

8. I am not sure about the scope of struck work. For example, I want to go to a conference at STU or collaborate with a researcher at another institution. For all questions regarding struck work, please review: “FAQs: How would a lockout or strike affect my work?” at https://aunbtweb.wordpress.com/collective-bargaining/full-time-collective-bargaining/job-action-faqs/. If you are still unsure, please contact me.

9. I am a CAE. Should I let my class know that we will have class as long as the university remains open? This question came up yesterday as well and we still have no confirmation that classes would be suspended in the case of a strike, despite a persistent rumour that this might be the case. We will update you as best we can.

10. Is strike pay taxable income? No.

11. Are sabbaticants required to perform picket duty in order to receive strike pay? No, but we would very much welcome it if sabbaticants who are able to contribute would volunteer.

12. I am teaching a course on “overload” or “stipend” or online through CEL. Is that struck work? Yes, that is all work under the FT collective agreement.

Email your questions to member_issues@aunbt.ca.

Jula Hughes
Job Action Information


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