The following message just went out to

FT members

Dear Full-Time AUNBT Member,

You may have noticed an “update” on the Employer’s “Labour relations” webpage. We are writing to confirm that nothing has changed since our update to you of Dec. 20. …

As of this writing no January dates have yet been set, nor will any be set until the team and the Collective Bargaining Committee have met to discuss whether there is likelihood of any progress.

Be advised that notwithstanding the employer’s suggestion of further talks, they have not withdrawn their option of a lock-out notice as early as Jan 2nd and so members should remove important material from their offices if they haven’t already.

Rest assured that in the event that anything changes, the membership will be notified, by us, immediately.

Best wishes for the remainder of the winter break,

Miriam Jones
President, AUNBT

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