Message to students

Dear Students

The following message was sent by Dr. Thom Workman, Professor of Political Science on the Fredericton campus, to his students. It is posted here with his permission:

Dear Students:

In the last week several of you dropped by my office to express your concerns about the possible strike or lock-out at UNB. I have done my best to assuage your anxieties and allay your fears. Unfortunately, everyone received an inappropriate and possibly alarming email from a UNB administrator named Peter McDougall yesterday.

I wanted to reassure you that there will be no job action during your exams. It is important that you put this “stuff” out of your thoughts as you bear down for the last push of the semester.

Please know that most people in the UNB community, especially those of us who are sensitive to student stress at this challenging time of the term, strongly feel that labour negotiations should never be undertaken publicly. Nothing is ever gained by ill-thought efforts to discredit one side or the other. And as I have already said to you, these things always have a way of working themselves out. Your academic year will be fine in the end–our world will keep spinning. Should there be a job action in the new year remember to line up a great novel or two, cue up some uplifting music, or plan nice evening dinners with close friends and family. Don’t get caught up in the exaggerations and hyperbole about losing your term or your school-year—that tends not to ever happen. In short, simply enjoy the brief downtime. I reiterate that these things always work themselves out just fine.

So, best of luck with your exams! I am in my office regularly if you wish to talk to me.

Professor Workman

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