Bulletin #7

FT Bargaining Bulletin #7

  • Apples and oranges: the ratio of “academic salaries to operating expenses” has been posted to the password-protected page.

In addition, two new circulars have been posted to the Job Action FAQs page:

  • FAQs for graduate students (PDF)
  • What should I tell my students? (PDF)

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One Comment on “Bulletin #7”

  1. Srinivasan
    December 8, 2013 at 10:33 pm #

    The data they seem to be providing to Caubo is Lemon….So may be it is apples and lemons .. …
    I personally looked at the CAUBo instructions in the web and they are crystal clear . I do not think there is really any excuse as to inflate the amount in the academic salaries category..

    Secondly it is important to note that the ability to allocate money upfront to a restricted fund and spend from that obscures the denominator. For example scholarships and library acquisitions are to be part of operating expense increasing the value of the denominator. However UNB shows a good chunk of these expenses from internally restricted account thus reducing the denominator. I urge the members to understand the significance of earlier bulletins on the use of discretionary transfers. It has two two important effects on how numbers are presented.
    1.The transfer to restricted funds Show an artificial deficit when there is a huge surplus
    2. Spending from the side account for regular operations like library and scholarship shows a low operating expense in the CAUBO report thus projecting disproportionately higher academic salary.