Strike Mandate

The following email

was sent out to the entire membership at 5:39 this evening:

Dear AUNBT members,

I am pleased to report that 90% of those members eligible to vote, voted in favour of giving the union executive a strike mandate.

The voter turn-out was exceptional: over 97% of eligible voters cast their ballots at polls in Fredericton, Saint John, Bathurst, and Moncton.

On behalf of the Bargaining Team I would like to thank our members for giving them such a strong mandate for their ongoing negotiations. Now that our employer must recognize how important the principle of comparability is to the membership, we trust they will finally agree to address the issue at the table.

A special thank you to Bill Parenteau, Sue Blair, Rob Moir, Sarah Irving, Pamela Smith, Susan Hebert, Michael Lapointe, and their teams of scrutineers for all their hard work over the past several days, and a special thank you to our visiting scrutineers from UNBEA, UGSW, Fredericton District Labour Council, the United Campus Labour Council and FAUST, and to our Chief Returning Officer Suzanne Dudziak and our Deputy Returning Officer Elizabeth McGahan. And, as always, huge thanks to AUNBT staffers Brenda Morais and Matt Hiltz. Finally, thank you to the large team of members who spoke to their colleagues and pulled out the vote.

Members are invited to an open house at the Fredericton Strike Headquarters on 698 McLeod St. this Friday evening between 4 and 7 pm. With any luck, this may be the only time we use it. At least one car will be driving up from Saint John; contact me to arrange rides. Anyone coming in from Bathurst or Moncton, we will arrange billeting.

Thank you all for the resounding support indicated by the phenomenal voter turn-out. I am proud to be addressing such an engaged membership.

In solidarity,

Miriam Jones
President, AUNBT

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