Comparability. Ability-to-pay. Reputation.

The following message

was sent out this morning to all FT AUNBT members, though nothing beats your responses.

Dear FT AUNBT member,

No doubt most of you have seen yesterday’s email by Peter McDougall containing administration’s “comparability” arguments. These are all claims that our team has heard — and debunked — at the table. 

Notably absent from their analysis is any comparison of real salaries. The administration know that we are 12.6 % behind our comparison group and that if we accept their current offer we would be 18–20% behind by the end of four years. They know this because they have the same Statistics Canada data that we have, the data that, until this current round of bargaining, both parties had used for the last 25 years to decide where we sit relative to our comparison group (see link to Economic Adjustment Committee report below). 

Instead of using solid comparative data, however, they are trying to deflect the focus from actual salaries by referring to “average economic adjustment” and “average progress-through-the-ranks,” factors that weakly, if at all, correlate with real salaries. These factors are even less relevant given that AUNBT employees begin their careers with lower salaries due to different salary structures at G14 universities, a handicap that follows us throughout our careers.  

The administration wants to focus on these alternate numbers because the number that matters, the difference between our salaries and those of our comparator group, inarguably demonstrates that UNB does not pay comparable wages. If we want to continue to be a national comprehensive university in an increasingly competitive world we need to achieve average salaries and maintain the principle of comparability in workload.

Comparability. Ability to pay. Reputation. Please keep these three concepts in mind as you visit the polls.

Follow the links, below, for further information.

In solidarity,

Miriam Jones

President, AUNBT

For the straight talk on administration’s vision:

  • FT bargaining bulletin #6: Comparability (PDF)
  • Summery of the Employer’s most recent salary offer (PDF) plus chart (PDF

For the straight talk on salaries:

  • FT bargaining bulletin #1: UNB academic salaries (PDF)
  • FT bargaining bulletin #2: Financial proposals far apart (PDF)
  • Draft Economic Adjustment Committee Report (PDF)

For the straight talk on UNB’s ability to pay:

  • FT bargaining bulletin #3: It’s about choices (PDF)
  • FT bargaining bulletin #5: Ability to Pay (PDF)
  • Financial report #1:  Overview of UNB’s Financial Position (password-protected)
  • Financial report #2:  Inter-fund Transfers and UNB’s Financial Position (password-protected

For the straight talk on comparability:

  • FT bargaining bulletin #3: It’s about choices (PDF)
  • FT bargaining bulletin #6: Comparability (PDF)

For the straight talk on recruitment and retention:

  • FT bargaining bulletin #4: UNB headcount (PDF)

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