Irene Leckie, 1916 — 2013

Irene Leckie

Irene Leckie at the Informing Public Policy conference, UNBF, Sept/09

It is with sadness that we heard of the death of Irene Leckie, the first woman to be president of AUNBT (1975 – 1976). She was born in Winnipeg in 1916. She trained as a nurse and became head of nursing at the University of Alberta hospital. She then continued her studies in the U.S.A. at Columbia University and Wayne State. She came to New Brunswick in 1959 and was one of four co-founders of the nursing programme at UNB in Fredericton. She retired in 1984 as a professor emerita, and remained an active member of the Fredericton community, particularly in the areas of literacy, poverty, and health, for the next three decades. Her obituary may be found here.

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