FT members: will you miss the strike vote?

Let us know if you will miss the strike vote

What to do if you want to vote but are unable:

If you will be off campus on both December 3rd and 4th, and therefore unable to participate in the strike vote, you need to know that according to the New Brunswick Industrial Relations Act, in order for a strike vote to pass, the majority of eligible bargaining unit members, not the majority of actual voters, must vote in favour. In this sense, every employee who is at work on the day(s) of the vote and who does not vote counts as a vote against authorizing a strike mandate. Therefore, it is crucial that members who are on campus on one of the polling days to make every effort to come to the polls. If you are unable to be on campus on either Dec. 3rd or 4th but don’t want your absence to be counted in a way contrary to your wishes, it is important for AUNBT to have a record in case the voting numbers are queried. Please send an email as soon as possible but not later than 4pm on Dec. 4 to aunbt@aunbt.ca indicating that you will not be available to vote. Or, fill out the form, below:

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