Minister Carr hands down a “no board” report

By now members may have received our recent notice informing them that we just heard that Minister of Post-Secondary, Training and Labour Jody Carr has decided not to appoint a conciliation board. This is excellent news. AUNBT, along with our sister unions and our provincial umbrella organization the Federation of New Brunswick Faculty Associations, have long been lobbying the provincial government against the selective imposition of conciliation boards on university negotiations. Members will remember how long bargaining took last round when a board was imposed.

Members will be asking where a “no board” report leaves us. We have put together an FAQ document that we hope addresses some of the most pressing questions [revised to fix links].

In a nutshell, today’s announcement means that on Nov. 29, AUNBT will be in a legal position to call a strike vote and the Employer will be in a legal position to lock us out. Put bluntly like that it no doubt sounds alarming, but this is in fact a welcome development. The bargaining team hopes to be able to meet with the employer’s team and really make some progress now that there is a clear timeline and nothing to interfere with free and open bargaining at the table. A jointly negotiated settlement would be the best outcome for the entire UNB community. We have a strong, talented team to represent us — the best possible team — and they are ready to talk.

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