Meet Your MLA

Meet Your MLA Lobby Day


Participants of FNBFA’s 3rd annual Meet Your MLA lobby day pose in the Legislature with Minister Jody Carr, Nov. 13, 2013: Mary Lou Babineau (FAUST), Marie Noëlle Ryan (ABPPUM), Lloyd Waugh (AUNBT), Lacina Coulibaly (APPUMCE), Minister Jody Carr, Rick Hudson (MAFA), Jean Sauvageau (FAUST), Etienne Dako (ABPPUM), Matt Hiltz (AUNBT), Bonnie Huskins (FAUST), Miriam Jones (AUNBT), Samira Belyazed (APPUMCE)

Photograph tweeted by PSE Minister Jody Carr after a meeting yesterday with representatives from New Brunswick faculty associations, part of FNBFA’s third annual Meet Your MLA  lobby day events. We had a good discussion with the minister about conciliation boards, financial transparency, CAE issues, and multi-year funding. Today FNBFA president Jean Sauvageau (FAUST), Marie Noëlle Ryan (ABPPUM) and AUNBT president Miriam Jones met with Premier David Alward, Minister Carr and Deputy Minister Tom Mann. A productive two days, and well-deserved congratulations to FNBFA Executive Director Elisabeth Hans for another successful event. The meetings were particularly timely for AUNBT as we wait for Minister Carr’s report on our recent conciliation process, expected next week.

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