Collective Bargaining Council

Collective Bargaining Council

The following message recently went out to the Collective Bargaining Council. Members are encouraged to take any questions or comments to their CBC reps, or to contact the AUNBT office.

Dear Collective Bargaining Council (CBC) Members,

There will be a CBC meeting on Friday 25 October at 12:30 pm videoconferenced between MacLaggan 015 and HWK 107.

The agenda consists of two items:

  1. There will be an update on the process of conciliation, now in its sixth week.
  2. There will be a report on contingency planning for job action.

As always, CBC members are encouraged to ask questions and comment on the agenda items, and to convey the content of discussions with colleagues in their academic units.

Bill Parenteau, Chair
Collective Bargaining Council, AUNBT


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