Message to CAE members

Message to CAE members

The following message went out today to the CAE members:

Dear Contract Academic Member —

The new CAE collective agreement having been ratified by AUNBT members (1 August) and the board of governors (23 August), we anticipate that it will be signed shortly and come into effect during the present month.  Back-pay from 1 May will be included in the first pay in October.

In the interim the parties have agreed to bring the revised Professional Development Allowance [PDA] provision into effect now.  Here it is.

27.02  Contract Academic Instructors who hold a Right of First Refusal (RFR) for a course or courses within a Unit and Contract Academic Librarians who hold a Multi-Year Appointment are eligible to submit an application to the Vice-President Fredericton (Academic) or Vice-President Saint John for funding from the Professional Development Allowance.  A Contract Academic Employee eligible to apply for a Professional Development Allowance under Article 27.01 is eligible to receive a maximum $1000 in any May 1 – April 30 period.

Reimbursable expenses must be for actual expenses incurred and must be supported by original receipts consistent with established University reimbursement policies. Eligible expenses, including registration fees and travel related expenses to attend conferences and the purchase of resources (which may include a portion of internet service during months when a course is offered and one month thereafter) related to pedagogy and/or their disciplines are the types of expenses that may be reimbursed.  All expenditures from this fund must be related to pedagogy and/or the Contract Academic Employee’s discipline.

The amount in the PDA fund reserved for Contract Academics now stands at about $120,000.

Note that the PDA is open to anyone who has applied successfully for a right of first refusal in any course; that the individual limit is now raised to $1000 per year; and that it covers professional development expenses related to teaching and/or your discipline.  Examples include conference expenses, books, software and internet.  The application form for each campus is at

Note, as well, that when claiming internet charges, there is an additional form to be completed: It is the portion of home internet declared as used for academic employment purposes that the employer reimburses.

We know that Contract Academics incur these professional expenses routinely.  Given AUNBT’s success in securing this fund for your benefit, we urge members to use it to the limit.

Miriam Jones

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