Letter to the Editor: Part-time faculty deserve fair wages

Letter to the Editor — Telegraph Journal — Saturday June 8, 2013

Part-time faculty deserve fair wages

As a graduate, donor, and committed supporter of UNB’s highest goals of teaching and research as well as a person who taught on a part time basis for more than 30 years at UNB, I share the sentiments expressed in the Telegraph-Journal of June 6th by Miriam Jones.

UNB’s wage for its part-time teachers is significantly lower than that of St Thomas University and unlike St. Thomas, UNB does not offer its part time people health, dental or even the barest pension benefits.

As the premier university of the province and a leading national university, UNB should be willing, indeed anxious, to rectify this on-going blemish on its reputation as an employer. I urge the University of New Brunswick to act morally, and with integrity – eradicate the continuing injustice to its part time workers who carry 20 percent of the teaching load.

Elizabeth W. McGahan
Saint John


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