AUNBT Executive Committee 2013-14

AUNBT Executive Committee 2013-14

As a result of elections at AUNBT’s annual general meeting of 30 April 2013 the following people will comprise the AUNBT Executive Committee for 2013-14.* They take office on 15 May 2013.

  • Wendy Bourque (Psychology – F)
  • Bruce Broster (Geology – F))
  • Juan Carretero (Mechanical Engineering – F)
  • Dorothy Duplessis (Business Administration – F)
  • Greg Fleet (Business – SJ)
  • Jeff Houlahan (Biology – SJ)
  • Arthur James (Classics – F)
  • Brian Lowry (Chemical Engineering – F)
  • Charlene Mayes (Biology – F)
  • Jeff McNally (Computer Science & Applied Stats – SJ)
  • Allan Reid (Culture & Language Studies – F)
  • Alyssa Sankey (Math & Statistics – F)
  • Edie Snook (English – F)
  • Merle Steeves (UNB Libraries – F)
  • Lloyd Waugh (Civil Engineering – F)
  • Melanie Wiber (Anthropology – F)
  • Lucy Wilson (Geology – SJ)

Miriam Jones (Humanities & Languages – SJ) was elected as president for 2013-14. She has been serving in that position since November 2013, when Jula Hughes left office.

David Bell (Law – F) will serve as acting past president while Jula Hughes, past president, is on sabbatical.

The executive committee is using its right to appoint up to two additional members to reappoint Elizabeth McGahan (SJ).

*There was a tie for the final of the ten member-at-large positions for full-time members on the Fredericton campus, so both candidates were declared elected as per AUNBT past practice.

Thanks to Francesca Holyoke for chairing the Nominating Committee.

(An email notice with this information has been sent out to the membership.)


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