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Employee assistance program

Did you know that UNB has an employee assistance program that offers the free services of a psychologist? Find out more.

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Deadlines today

  1. Nominations for AUNBT executive need to be in to the AUNBT office, in writing, by noon
  2.  Electronic voting for Fredericton BoG faculty reps ends today at 4pm


The latest newsletter was just sent out. Check your inbox or read it here.

Making Trouble at UNB

Members may want to read member Jennifer Andrew’s guest column, “Making Trouble at UNB,”  in the current newsletter for the Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English (PDF pp. 17ff).

A Rally for Our Right to Accessible Abortion / Rassemblement pour notre droit à l’avortement accessible

12:30pm, Legislative Building, 706 Queen St.

From the FB site:

The Morgentaler Clinic is being forced to close its doors in July due to lack of government funding. The clinic was the only private abortion clinic in the maritimes. (more…)

Joint Meeting of Senates

Members are reminded of the Special Joint Meeting of Senates scheduled for Thursday April 17 at 12 noon. UNB Senate meetings are open to all unless they move into closed session, which would normally require a motion. According to the University Secretariat,

The purpose of the meeting is for members of the University Management Committee to provide Senates with updates and clarification on UNB’s overall direction, Operating activities and Finances. During the meeting, the Annual Report of the Vice-President (Finance and Corporate Services) will also be presented and discussed.

The meeting will be video-conferenced between the Harper Kent Auditorium at the Wu Conference Centre in Fredericton and Irving Hall 107 in Saint John.


The latest newsletter was just sent out. Check your inbox or read it here.


Statements from those seeking election or re-election can be found here.


Statements from BoG candidates

So far we have received three four five six seven statements from candidates for the BoG.

Members seeking election to the BoG

Earlier today the following message was sent out to FT members:

Dear AUNBT members,

We have been asked to solicit and circulate statements from candidates running for the three open seats for UNBF faculty on the BoG.
As you know, unlike some other institutions, at UNB the faculty union has no formal role on the BoG. However, as there is no apparent mechanism for candidates to circulate any sort of statement to the electors, we are offering to facilitate this process.
Candidates are invited to send us written statements which we will post on the password-protected page on the AUNBT website.
As the voting has already begun, candidates are invited to submit their statements as quickly as convenient, to, with “BoG” in the subject line.
Many of you are on the “Take Back UNB” Facebook site, from where this request originally came. We will update that site as statements come in.
Please bring this message to the attention of any of the candidates with whom you have contact.
In solidarity,
Miriam Jones


Response to last Saturday’s TJ editorial

The following piece was published in the Telegraph-Journal today under the title “Faculty concerned with UNB governance,” though it does not appear to be available on the website. You can find it, however, in the eEdition (click on the button on the top right of the main page; it’s on A7). Or, read it here:

Saturday’s editorial, “Faculty Dissent at UNB,” gets it wrong in practically every way. (more…)

FT Collective bargaining, 2013-2014
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